Development #1 Meeting

Yo folks! We’re having our 1st development meeting right now. An hour has passed and we’re still sorting out some issues, assigning tasks, discussing roadmaps and what not.

As y’all probably have noticed, we wrapped up the first milestone Release 0.1.0 on August 5th, thanks to @Crynobone and @Azraai for their mad coding skills. We’re working on the next milestone which will focus on the core features of Faces. We’ll probably be seeing @Fina breathing down our devvies necks soon, that is going to be exciting! Teehee

On the other hand, the rest of the team (@Bat, @Epi and @Iwani) are working on the user-interface design, marketing and business strategies

If all goes well, Faces BETA will be launched in October! (this is for you @Amanfirdaus lol)