Weekly Update #1

It’s been a week since we start working on Faces. We completed our first milestone(RC 0.1.0) last Friday. Thanks to Crynbone and Azraai for their rapid programming skillz.

For our so-called “launching campaign” stats, we now have:

73 Twitter Followers

35 Facebook Likes

68 Email subscribers

We are expecting 1000 300 subscribers before we launch Faces in upcoming November. So, tell your friendz about us, and make them sign up for the invite list, haha.

On the other note, we would like to welcome our new members, @finafedora. She will help us on bug-hunting journey in Faces. That makes our number grows to six people. We shall post more about our team members in the future.

Until then, happy fasting to all Muslims, and thank you very much to all folks who supported us.


Almost there, and we’re ahead of schedule


Faces’ login page design.


That progress bar that we love!


Fuel, oil, hybrid dan diesel

  • Mohd Huzairy Mohd Rezuan: hybrid tu function dalam fuelPHP?
  • Mior Muhammad Zaki: hybrid tu aku punya package
  • for fuelphp
  • Mohd Huzairy Mohd Rezuan: owh orait
  • Mior Muhammad Zaki: fuel dah guna fuel dgn oil
  • aku pakai hybrid la
  • diesel xde lagi
  • Mohd Huzairy Mohd Rezuan: ron97 la
  • Mior Muhammad Zaki: wahahaha
  • Mohd Huzairy Mohd Rezuan: hahaha

Speed is everything


Caching is always a problem during development, you would know that it’s very important to cache all static content but at the same time the file need to be up to date whenever you make a change to the CSS, JavaScript or images.

This is one of the reason why we pick Fuel, it’s Asset Management class automatically detect if file has been modified or simple return HTTP request as 304 if browser already have the latest code.


OH: “Kalau gmail lambat”

[4:15:01 PM] Ariff Azraai: 48 hours?

[4:15:05 PM] Ariff Azraai: 2 jam cukup kot

[4:15:08 PM] Mior Muhammad Zaki: kalau gmail lambat

[4:15:12 PM] Mior Muhammad Zaki: hahaha

[4:15:15 PM] Mior Muhammad Zaki: mana tahu



First Day

Yesterday, we pushed our teaser page to public. The response is remarkable(to us, of course):

We would like to express our gratitude, to those who have been part in the stats. Gracias~

On our side, we are now busy working on Faces’ webapp. We will keep you updated from time to time. Stay tuned.


I smell ‘Fuel’ days ahead

… no, I’m not talking about a band or neither I am talking about petrol. A direct translation of that would be “Behold!!! Miki is in power and he’ll be on fire if anyone comes near!”

Obviously that’s not true. As everyone would probably know, Miki is a great father and a guy you can count on at any given time and day - when he’s not occupied with his daughter of course (awww!). That’s what makes him a great Lead Developer

We have a private Github setup by him for us to work on the functional specs, to-dos, share source files/UI and what not. He’s currently filling it up with development related tasks which Azraai as the Developer and Bat as the Designer will work on

I’m excited that the ideas that we (Bat, Epi & me) have been crafting since early July will turn into an actual product very, very soon.