At last, an update!

Hello there! It’s been a while since we update you with our private beta launch last November. It can be helped. We received tremendous feedback to improve Faces from you, our awesome freelancers!

We need to let you know that we take all your feedback seriously, and we’re doing our best, day and night to make the upcoming Faces works—as it should be in the first place.

This upcoming New Year is going to be a moment we’re waiting for, and we hope this time, our 6 months of hard work will make this project really matters to all freelancers, especially in Malaysia.

Until then, keep calm and keep coding.

Signing off, on behalf of Faces Team,

^Mohd Huzairy


Faces.MY Private Beta Launch Post

11.11.11 - Today is the day. The day Faces will be launched in Private Beta. Folks who have signed up to our invite list that we had running for the last 5 months will be getting an exclusive invite to Faces today scheduled at 8:00pm - 9:00pm (GMT+8)

To those of you who missed the train, don’t worry. You can still sign up to be invited on the next round. We planned to be in Private Beta for about a month or two and during this period, we want to:

What features are available on Faces during Private Beta?

We have the basic features ready for Nov 11th launch and we’ll be rolling out new features, enhancements and upgrades progressively from today onwards. Our users will be getting an e-mail each time a new feature is integrated so they can try it out immediately

When will we be able to use Annie’s AI commands on Twitter?

If you have been following our Twitter and Facebook updates, you would know that our Lead Developer, @crynobone is integrating our Twitter account with an Artificial Intelligence system whereby in the future, you will get to tweet Annie some commands and she will respond immediately. This feature aims to help new users get to know how to use Faces quicker. Both Annie and you have to follow each other to make this work

Additionally, in the near future, Annie will be able to recommend you freelancers with required skillsets for your project

If you’re eager to test this, you can try tweeting Annie these commands below

  • @faces_my annie, how much is 0.99 USD in MYR
  • @faces_my hey annie
  • @faces_my annie please mustache me
  • @faces_my whois annie?
  • @faces_my annie help me how to create an account
  • @faces_my how are you annie?
  • @faces_my annie, whose your daddy?
  • @faces_my good morning annie

When can we start getting hired?

We’re not going to introduce the Seeker profile/account during Private Beta but a Freelancer can also seek and hire another Freelancer. Therefore, technically, the hiring process can already begin during Private Beta. If any of you managed to get hired or hire someone during Private Beta, please tweet us as we’d love to hear about it!

When we launch for Public Beta, we’ll be anticipating Seeker sign-ups from companies, agencies, job agents and entrepreneurs so there will be more job opportunities for freelancers at that point of time.

Can we share our profiles?

Yes, we want freelancers to start sharing their profiles with friends, clients and potential clients via their websites, social network profiles and blogs. We have implemented a friendly profile URL for this purpose and have integrated Facebook “Recommend” and Tweet buttons on each profile.

We received two interesting questions from a local blogger yesterday so thought I’d post them here

If you are looking for seed funding, what is the target figure, and why?

When we first started Faces, we thought of bootstrapping all the way. However, of late, we’re more open to possibilities of being invested or funded but no actual plans or target figure yet.

Are you planning to set up your base in the US?

We hope with Faces, local freelancers will get more recognition and exposure to the global market as there isn’t a platform that list local freelancers as of now. We want talents from Malaysia to get hired by people all over the world.

Wrap up!

That’s about it folks. We look forward to your Feedback/Suggestions and Bugs! Lets improve Faces together!

For any inquiries, please tweet Annie at @faces_my and she’ll assist you 


#ChitChatAnnie Day 1

Today we launched a fun activity on our Twitter account, @faces_my which we hashtagged it with #ChitChatAnnie

Everyday, we’ll have one question for you on #ChitChatAnnie and at the end of the day, the replies will be compiled in a post. You have to include the hashtag #ChitChatAnnie so your reply would be counted

Lets check out the question and answers for today!

What would you do if your client refuses to pay you after you have finished the work? #ChitChatAnnie

@flisterz “@faces_my post to Clients From Hell. haha #ChitChatAnnie”

@MahsyarSaid “Send them a RAGEface.jpg? lol #ChitChatAnnie”

@khalidkarim “@faces_my create online bad paymaster listing..”

@n3dmax “@faces_my i will be bombarding the client with a lot of e-mails and make them suffer as I felt. I hope faces.my acquired this feature :P”

@odin88 “@faces_my sue them !”

@iwani  “Tough question. I’ll probably let it go if it’s not worth the fight… #ChitChatAnnie @faces_my”

@mohdhuzairy “saya pasrah sahaja huhu”

And one special reply from the client’s side! 

@abdusfauzi “saya client banyak songeh. haha. @faces_my #ChitChatAnnie”

Don’t forget to join #ChitChatAnnie tomorrow!

Also, shoutouts to these folks for taking part in our usability Q&A, great opinions folks! @kedai @phixel @n3dmax 


Welcoming Annie to the team

Do you wanna know who Annie is? 

Here you go!


Hey Faces, are you launching soon?

That’s probably question-of-the-moment for a lot of you especially to the 129 awesome folks that are in our beta invite list. If you haven’t subscribed to this awesome list, what are you waiting for?? Subscribe now at www.faces.my

While you’re at that, “Recommend” us on your Facebook profile and “Tweet” about us so your friends will get to know about Faces!

Is November 1st happening?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is during our first ever face-off meeting on October 22nd, we have decided to postpone the Beta Launch to November 11th which is really just less than 2 weeks from today. This decision was made to ensure that

  • all features & functionality that go into Faces work awesome (which the super-dev duo @crynobone and @aazraai are working hard on)
  • all user-interface designs promise the best of user experience (manhandled by @mohdhuzairy, our talented & minimalist UI junkie)
  • all bugs are squashed with no mercy (by our very own residential bug hunter @finafedora)
  • all pre-launch and post-launch marketing strategies are taken well care of (by our in-house marketing strategist @epireve)

Faces face-off meeting on October 22nd, also joined by @odin88, @nadsulaiman and @mohdhuzairy's buddy

Some exclusive bits from our lab

  • @odin88 has been wooed into our lab as an observer and @crynobone is trying to convert him from a religious follower of School of Cake to the Fuel bandwagon!

@r0kawa this one is for you! Odin should get a raise! LOL

  • @crynobone Github stats (259 commits, 311929 additions, 159570 deletions) and @mohdhuzairy following closely behind at (108 commits, 21038 additions, 7209 deletions)

A sneak peek at our Github Issues

And @amanfirdaus, this is for you. Our potential landing page for Beta Launch

That’s all for now, folks. Follow us on @faces_my and like us on Facebook to get our latest scoops. Until then, back to the lab!


What’s up, doc?

Hello folks! Before anything, we’d like to apologize for the delay of our Beta Launch which was scheduled to be ready on 1st October 2011. Our Development Team are working long hours, day and night on completing the core features of Faces. You can tell by the amount of pizza boxes, Coke and Redbull bottles scattered around our lab, it’s been quite a dev-marathon!

Our new target to launch would be November 1st 2011 just like the original plan.

We haven’t decided whether the Beta Launch is going to be an Open or Closed one thus to those who haven’t signed up to our invite list, please do so you won’t be missing out!

Follow us on @faces_my and like us on Facebook to get our latest scoops. Until then, back to the lab!


List of unable username

Need to make sure the list is complete, just in case.

protected static $reserved = array(
    // root admin
    'administrator', 'root', 'admin', 'boss', 
        'api', 'sys', 'system',
    // reserved path/segment for app or module
    'account', 'connect', 'credential', 'login', 
        'register', 'logout', 'site', 'profile', 
        'mail', 'forgot-password', '404', 
        'maintenance', 'index', 'home', 
        'dashboard', 'forum', 'questions', 
        'qa', 'seeker', 'people',
        'blog', 'news', 'devs', 'api',

Love among devs. <3


Development #1 Meeting

Yo folks! We’re having our 1st development meeting right now. An hour has passed and we’re still sorting out some issues, assigning tasks, discussing roadmaps and what not.

As y’all probably have noticed, we wrapped up the first milestone Release 0.1.0 on August 5th, thanks to @Crynobone and @Azraai for their mad coding skills. We’re working on the next milestone which will focus on the core features of Faces. We’ll probably be seeing @Fina breathing down our devvies necks soon, that is going to be exciting! Teehee

On the other hand, the rest of the team (@Bat, @Epi and @Iwani) are working on the user-interface design, marketing and business strategies

If all goes well, Faces BETA will be launched in October! (this is for you @Amanfirdaus lol)


Our lead developer, Crynobone, is now a father to a baby boy. =) Congratulations!